10 Contoh Kalimat dengan Adjective :

1. He is a good man

2. He is a bad boy

3. This is a new car

4. Her hair is red

5. Bean is a stupid student

6. She is a ugly girl

7. You are a rich man

8. we are a charming boy

9. Kina is a dilligent girl

10. we are a nice guy


10 Contoh Kalimat dengan Verb :

1. Ujang comes to Tasik today

2. My Sister studies in America

3. She is very beautiful

4. He watches a film in bioskop

5. The man cuts the banana tree

6. He laughs a hard laugh

7. I will make you happy

8. I appoint him to be my assistant

9. They grow the rubber trees

10. The cakes are delicious


5 Contoh Kalimat Uncountable :

1.The box is made of glass.

2. We need enough iron to prevent anemia.

3. There is not enough light to read.

4. I need some paper to print the report.

5. He woke up early because of too much noise outside his bedroom.


5 Contoh Kalimat countable :

1. The boy drank a glass of milk.

2. Can I borrow your iron?

3. My father should change the light in the kitchen one week ago.

4. I have an interesting paperto read.

5. They sent me a cake on my birthday.